Maintainer info

This site is currently maintained by Sven Lauer. Email him with any additions / updates / corrections, &c.

Email lists

There are two email lists for the lakeside semantics & pragmatics community. Both are open to the public, but these are probably only useful for you if you have some connection to the community. Click on the name of the list below in order to subscribe and unsubscribe, or contact Sven.

  • Lakeside semantics & pragmatics
    The main list is intended mostly for announcements of talks, visitors, new members and so forth, and hence is rather low-traffic. All members of the community likely want to be subscribed to this list.

  • Lakeside social
    Since the Lakeside community is distributed throughout the university, it often coordinates (and socialises) in a simple, but effective way by going to lunch together once or twice a week. This list is intended to facilitate coordination for this and other social activities. With the back-and-forth emails, it can be somewhat high-traffic occasionally, but it is an excellent way to stay in touch with your colleagues.

Note that only members can post to these lists without having been approved by the administrator, to cut down on spam.